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TRON Can’t Lose When It Comes To dApps

TRON Can’t Lose When It Comes To dApps
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You will probably remember when the CEO of TRON, Justin Sun urged Ethereum developers to leave their network and join his ecosystem instead.

Sun took to Twitter to make the offer which started an open war of TRON against the Ethereum ecosystem. Against all competitors in the dApp space also seem to be a rival to TRON.

If we look at the state of the dApp industry today, the numbers from TRON show that they are winning by a landslide.

On the week commencing the 4th March, TRON performed spectacularly and registered growth of more than 200 percent growth in terms of its weekly transaction volume.

With $180 million, TRON was flying ahead from the competition with EOS going down 28 percent to just over $100 million and Ethereum marginally improving its stand to accumulate just under $25 million.

You see a tweet from the Twitter user RatingDapp shadowing this:

Unsurprisingly though after he found out, TRON’s CEO took was celebrating the great success of his network by taking to Twitter to announce the news and more than likely rub it into the competition by saying that TRON is winning by a significant lead when it comes to the dApp space.

There was a big spark growth in the dApp network for TRON following the launch of Odyssey 3.5. In case you didn’t know, the Odyssey upgrade was essentially a hard fork that brought along a lot of improvements including up to fifty percent boost in the performance of the network, better security, multi-sig features, energy adjustments and so on.

The dApp development usage has seemingly increased quite significantly and EOS was quickly overtaken.  

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