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TRON & BTT: Incentive Programmes (Part 2)

TRON & BTT: Incentive Programmes (Part 2)
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Earlier today, we introduced how TRON and BitTorrent plan to work together in building a billion strong ecosystem. In the article, we discussed how TRON and BitTorrent are working towards creating an incredible ecosystem, off the back of the TRON acquisition of BitTorrent which occurred during the middle of 2018. BitTorrent is a leading peer to peer file sharing platform and an ideal project for TRON to leverage, on their journey to decentralise the internet.

In order to achieve this, TRON has set up three incentive programmes that will encourage users to delve into the BitTorrent system. The incentives include a user incentive, a partner incentive and an ecosystem incentive. Together, the programmes aim to introduce a brand new audience to blockchain technology, namely the technology that has been built by TRON. The incentives aim to introduce a 1 billion member strong computer base, pulling 1 billion new users onto the TRON network. That's just over 1/6th of the entire global population…

User Incentives

Since the launch of BitTorrent in 2004 the network has seen over 1 billion computers make use of p2p file sharing, as it stands, BitTorrent see’s 100 million monthly active users. The user incentives set up by TRON will encourage new users to use BitTorrent to learn more about blockchain technology, in return for some sort of reward that will help with the adoption of TRX and BTT, TRON and BitTorrent’s cryptocurrencies. Sadly for now though, the full details of this user incentive remains a secret.

Partner Incentives

According to Invest in Blockchain:

“Since BitTorrent’s launch on January 28, 2019, BTT has been listed on over 30 exchanges and has garnered support from a number of leading wallets. Now, in an effort to make BTT and BitTorrent technology available to as many people as possible, the company is offering a partnership plan to all wallets and exchanges supporting BTT. The plan will allow BitTorrent’s partners’ users to receive BTT airdrops to ensure they can reach as many potential users as possible. BitTorrent aims to gather feedback to enhance its protocol and give users what they want.”

Ecosystem Inventives

The third incentive will work to reward all users that deal in BTT. We think this is set to run on an institutional level and will reward businesses for being involved within the TRON ecosystem and thus, in helping it grow. Large institutions running huge computer networks will be beneficial in ensuring BitTorrent is able to handle huge useage, so TRON have realised that they need to make the most of these networks. A simple reward for these ‘clients’, as they are known, should be enough to ensure the BitTorrent ecosystem is big enough to handle 1/6th of the world’s population at anyone time - the ultimate goal for TRON’s Justin Sun.

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