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TRON & BTT: Incentive Programs (Part 1)

TRON & BTT: Incentive Programs (Part 1)
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The CEO and founder of TRON, Justin Sun recently bought out the popular BitTorrent platform and has unveiled three new incentive plans that will benefit both the TRON and BitTorrent ecosystem and community in a big way.

The first blockchain firm that Sun owned is TRON which acquired BitTorrent in summer last year and has already launched a blockchain based product dubbed BTT on one of the biggest protocols around the world. In addition to this, BitTorrent is the biggest peer-to-peer communication protocol for the sharing of data and electronic files over the internet.

In a recent medium post by BitTorrent, BTT has already garnered the support of almost 40 digital asset trading platforms and wallets. Furthermore, they are well on the way to becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrencies across the globe.

In order to speed up the growth and development of BTT and its ecosystem, BitTorrent is going to be launching three new incentive plans to enhance the whole BitTorrent ecosystem which includes BitTorrent, partners, µTorrent and so on.

As Sun says in the post:

“With our three new incentive programs, we aim to bring a new audience into the blockchain community and make this powerful technology accessible within products that people are using every day. What we are building will benefit a 1 billion computer installed base, businesses, and active TRON and BTT users.”

We’re going to talk about these incentive programs in detail later in the day so make sure you keep up to date with Crypto Daily!

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