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Samsung’s Galaxy S10: Everything You Need To Know

Samsung’s Galaxy S10: Everything You Need To Know
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The Galaxy S10 lineup has officially been shown off by Samsung and includes the Galaxy S10, S10+ and the S10e.

The top of the line Galaxy S10 smartphone has been eagerly anticipated for months now to be one of the biggest steps towards mainstream adoption for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The smartphone will offer a significant upgrade over their previous models and will display fingerprint sensors, rear mounted triple camera setups and a reverse wireless charging support. The Galaxy S10e will mark the first time that Samsung has added a so-called ‘affordable’ model to its flagship Samsung Galaxy S series.

During the Unpacked event that took place on 20th February, Samsung also revealed the Galaxy S10 5G but this won’t be available until June.

And so today, we’re going to look through everything we know so far about the Samsung 10th anniversary smartphone lineup below:

Price & release date

You are able to order the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e with shipping already started on 8th March.

Samsung’s souped-up Galaxy S10+ “ultimate power edition”, which packs 12GB RAM and 1TB storage will start shipping later in the month.

If we take a look at the Samsung website we can see that the Galaxy S10 is available with 128GB or 512GB storage for £799 and £999 respectively. Looking at the S10+, there are 128GB, 512GB and 1TB variants available priced at £899, £1,099, £1,399 respectively. The Samsung Galaxy S10e has been dubbed as the ‘affordable’ of the new models which offer a 128GB storage plan which is available from £699.

If you are with EE, the price offering for the Galaxy S10 and S10+ starts from £48 and £53 per month, respectively while the ‘affordable’ smartphone S10e will set you back £44 per month on an EE plan.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced more details about the Galaxy S10 and confirmed that they won’t be supporting Bitcoin on the new smartphone, only Ethereum.

The Samsung Blockchain Wallet is now available to download from Galaxy Apps. It will only support Ethereum and Ethereum derived tokens to start with CoinDesk.

In the future, we are expecting support for Bitcoin but as of now, only Ethereum is available on the smartphone.

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