BTC Trader Attacked In His Home By Thieves

BTC Trader Attacked In His Home By Thieves

Another week and Bitcoin has been involved in yet another crime. One Bitcoin trader has been attacked in his home in the Netherlands by a group of robbers who were dressed up as police officers.

Tjeerd H. has been the victim of a violent raid in his home in Drouwenerveen in Holland on 10th February where a group of criminals threatened him with firearms whilst dressed in bulletproof vests and covering their faces with balaclavas.

The motive of the crime hasn’t been established just yet but the local news outlet, De Telegraaf looked into it to find out more. The Dutch news site highlighted that Tjeerd had been trading cryptocurrency although it hasn’t been confirmed if that’s what the thieves were after.

Crypto theft is something of a common occurrence nowadays. Not just online but owners of Bitcoin have been attacked face to face by criminals who have forced them to deposit numerous amounts of cryptocurrency into anonymous wallets.

In September last year, a young man was beaten and tortured by his so-called ‘friends’ in order to get his crypto account details. Footage was uncovered of the crime by the Manhattan District Attorney last year which showed a group of young men torturing the victim, Nicholas Truglia.

The court papers stated that the son of a wealthy venture capitalist, Stephen Orso (25) tortured Truglia in order to “provide him with login information for his cryptocurrency accounts while holding his head underwater in the bathtub, punching him in the stomach and throwing hot wax on him.”

The culprits are known to show off their lives of luxury on social media and they were seen leaving Truglia’s home with him after being there for about two hours, With David Lucia (one of the attackers) holding a rectangular shaped object underneath his jumper. This was thought to be Truglia’s laptop.

Whether the group of attackers were able to gain access to Truglia’s account is unknown but the fact that they were willing to torture him to make a few bucks is beyond astounding. The group are on temporary bail until next month when their fate will be decided once and for all.


Update 05/04/19 The charges and allegations were since dropped. More info here

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