Popular TRON dApps You Need To Try In 2019

Popular TRON dApps You Need To Try In 2019

One of the best tools that display data regarding decentralised applications is DappRadar. The dApp are grouped in different categories and ranked based on a number of key metrics and analytics. DappRader ranks EOS, Ethereum and TRON dApps.

Here are some of the best dApps on the TRON network.


This is a game platform which features dice and racing games. The platform has gaming and mining modes and is said to be “the first shareholder+FOMO double dividend blockchain games.”

The mining side of TronCraft is designed for miners to have first-hand information about mining costs and allow them to devise the best mining strategies beneficial to them. Although, earlier miners seem to enjoy a greater chance of raking in some big profits.

The gaming platform has got its own native token with the ticker, CFT. Players can use this cryptocurrency to bet on games players can pledge their CFT to gain shareholder dividends.

The players of the game can obtain the native token by mining, playing games, buying the tokens in secondary markets and get a reward for doing tasks as well as contributing to the community.

Epic Dragons

This Japanese art styled game puts the payer up against… you guessed it, dragons. What adds to the game is several elements including character development, real-time strategy, investment simulation and so on.

There are two gaming modes including exploring and battling. The battling stage required players to pick their own team to face the dragon and contribution credit in return.

If the players do well enough the slay the dragon, all the team members are rewarded according to their contribution.


There are several games on the TRONbet platform where users will need to have a TronLink wallet with TRX tokens.

The users are then able to specify the number of TRX they want to bet. The Ante token is apparently the “centerpiece of the TRONStation ecosystem.”


This dApp obviously gets its name from the fabulous Las Vegas Nevada which is the gambling and entertainment capital of the world, known for its wide range of casinos and luxury hotels.

TronVegas is an online casino which has several games including Roulette (currently in beta mode), SkyRocket, DragonTiger and so on.

As reported by blokt, “players need to have a positive balance of TRX tokens which they will use for their bets.”

What are your thoughts? Do you play any of this dApps? Let us know down below in the comments!

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