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TRON Transactions Continue To Cruise Past Ethereum

TRON Transactions Continue To Cruise Past Ethereum
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One of the most active and most followed blockchain protocols, TRON published its 46th weekly report of this year earlier in the week. In the report, the blockchain protocol brought to light what it had achieved during this previous week.

The report looked into TRON’s transactions on a daily basis number which reached a new milestone. The native token of the network, TRX was listed on another exchange which got a lot of media coverage too and they gained 4000 new followers. The weekly reports continue to show TRON is picking up momentum as it goes on and that widespread adoption isn’t too far away.

TRON kept on pushing the pressure on competitors after making a new record of its transaction volume which reached over 1.8 million, which almost tripled Ethereum’s transaction number which is currently sat at 670,000. TRON marked another new milestone in early November after a single day transaction number over the whole network reached 1.36 million which surpassed Ethereum’s biggest figure of 1.34 which it reached during the bull market.

TRX has been listed on numerous exchanges in the past week following its MainNet launch including Coinsuper which added the TRX/USD trading pair.

In just one week after the announcement, the TRON Accelerator developer plan has had 4,000 people following the online contest has been followed and it has been mentioned by 40 media firms. In the developer community, two community moderators were brought in on Discord. The web app, TRONStation estimated that energy and bandwidth on the TRON network released a small update.

The founder of TRON, Justin Sun wrote an article on Weibo which states that 80 dApps will be launched on TRON in the space of one month. It is expected that TRON will grow by 400 percent in December alone.

TRON and the Cobo Wallet are now working together in order to tighten up the development of TRON’s ecosystem. A secure cross-chain wallet, Math Wallet has also included support for TRON’s MainNet. One of the leading games on the TRON network, TRONDice was launched on Cobo Wallet’s newest version.

As reported by blokt:

“TRON’s technical development team completed the addition of database-related unit test, the testing of Transfer Token and tokenBalance functions, and the increase of the Token name duplication mechanism. The team is still working on optimizing the logic of the synchronization module.”

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