Generous Buterin Donates 1000 ETH To Startups

Generous Buterin Donates 1000 ETH To Startups

The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin has clearly got the Christmas spirit in him as he has just donated $300,000 in cryptocurrency to three blockchain startups as announced by him through a Twitter thread.

The three blockchain startups have received 1,000 Ethereum donation include, ChainSafe, Prysmatic Labs and Sigma Prime. All the projects are working to build the blockchain network’s next big thing dubbed as Ethereum 2.0. Prysmatic Labs are looking to work on Ethereum scalability with ChainSafe working on the Ethereum 2.0 client. Sigma Prime is working on an Ethereum 2.0 client too with the name Lighthouse.

The decision came as a response to a Twitter thread in which a few big names in the Ethereum community discussed ways in which the technology could be improved and some even recommended funding as a reason for slow development.

The co-founder of Prysmatic Labs and a software engineer as the search engine giant Google, Preston Van Loon tweeted that even with the recent grants there still wasn’t enough money to scale the right team. You can see his full tweet below:

Buterin replied to this saying “Just sent 1000 eth. Yolo”.

These comments followed on from a tweet by the founder of Mythos Capital, Ryan Sean Adams alluded “tough love” comments from VC investor Fred Wilson and wrote that Ethereum is “missing ship dates [and] are lacking basic operational leadership.”

As reported by CoinDesk, “A second grant was awarded to Sigma Prime, when co-founder Paul Hauner tweeted that his project has “been knocked back for a couple of grants recently. We can certainly turn 1k ETH into more developers!” Buterin responded with another 1,000 ETH.”

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