Dubai Shake Up Legal System With New Blockchain Court Design

Dubai Shake Up Legal System With New Blockchain Court Design
In line with a vision for a blockchain future, legal authorities within Dubai are now looking into the development of a new blockchain system designed to streamline legal proceedings that reach domestic court level. At present, a court system in Dubai is implemented to facilitate a range of disputes, some of which are of a financial nature. It is here, that the system could benefit from blockchain integration and thus, the Dubai International Financial Center Courts wish to move over to a ‘disruptive’ blockchain system.According to CCN, the plan is:
“To create the world’s first Court of the Blockchain in a partnership with the government’s Smart Dubai initiative that it says will fundamentally reshape the judicial process in the future. The pivot to a blockchain-powered future will bring greater efficiencies across the entire legal ecosystem.”
This project then will see the pairing of the Dubai International Finance Center Courts (DIFC) and the government branch of the Smart Dubai Office (SDO). They are set to work together to develop a blockchain network designed to use smart contracts to verify court judgements and as a location for the hosting and storage of legal documents that can be handled in a more secure and more transparent manner. According to CCN, Amna Al Owais, the Cheif Executive and Registrar of DIFC has said:
“By harnessing blockchain technology, Dubai will be firmly positioned at the forefront of legaltech and judicial innovation, setting the standards for countries and judiciaries to follow.”
See the full article for yourself, here.Furthermore, the Director General of the SDO, Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr has said:
“The government’s initiative is to run 100% of applicable government transactions on Blockchain by 2020. An invention of this calibre and potential requires an equally disruptive set of rules and an empowered institution to uphold them. This is where our partnership with DIFC Courts comes in, allowing us to work together and create the world’s first disruptive court, helping to truly unlock the power of blockchain technology.”
As a blockchain enthusiast, this is a very exciting prospect and is yet another indication of just how powerful the blockchain can be. It can shake up and improve entire legal systems. If this goes well in Dubai, then we can only expect authorities worldwide to take a similar approach.Blockchain 1, Traditional Court Systems 0. Investment Disclaimer
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