This Reddit Clone Is Using Bitcoin To Help You Become A Memelord

This Reddit Clone Is Using Bitcoin To Help You Become A Memelord
Introducing ThunderMessage, a new blockchain based Reddit style platform the utilises the power of Bitcoins Lightning Network. The platform allows users to interact by posting messages, comments and general content within which users can browse, comment on and importantly, up vote/down vote. As you know, those who receive high levels of up votes are considered demi-gods by the internet masses and those who receive high levels of down votes, well, they are considered to be inferior to say the least. The interesting concept behind ThunderMessage (and indeed, its link with the lightning network) is that in order to pass a vote, users must submit 1 Satoshi to the platform (0.00000001 BTC), which is equal to around $0.000082, at the time of writing. According to The Next Web:
“Here’s how it works: users who have a Bitcoin wallet compatible with the Lightning Network are able to post messages. If you want your new message to start off with just one vote, then just send one Satoshi.”
This is a fascinating concept, though it does seem to be a little immature. We used the word memelord in the title but genuinely, this could almost encourage the buying of likes. Of course, you can do this within various blogs and social media anyway but within this platform, it seems even easier, doesn’t it?Furthermore, according to The Next Web:
“What results is really a great demonstration of the decentralized nature of the blockchain – but also feels strangely metaphoric to the state of cryptocurrencies in general. It is totally devoid of censorship, runs completely on libertarian ideals, and the more Bitcoin you have – the more your vote counts.”
See more for yourself, here. Literally, the more you have, the more of a memelord you can become. That, is the exact opposite of the principles that Bitcoin wants to achieve and really it also insults the democratic nature of websites such as Reddit. If nothing else, this acts as a key example of how blockchain technology really can be used anywhere, even if it seems a little pointless on the surface. Investment Disclaimer
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