Blockchain Technology Used During The UEFA Super Cup

Blockchain Technology Used During The UEFA Super Cup
Another instance of blockchain technology entering the Football-sphere today, as reports announce that blockchain technology was successfully trialled during the recent UEFA Super Cup, between the winners of the UEFA Champions League, and the winners of the UEFA Europa League, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. UEFA, or The Union of European Football Associations are the governing body for football in Europe and have announced on their website that tickets to the Super Cup match that where distributed via an Android and iOS app has been done so using blockchain technology, potentially marking a new format for the way European football will be ticketed in the future. According to the UEFA website:
“UEFA is looking to make its ticket sales process for matches more simple and safe – thanks to a new system aimed at providing secure ticket distribution, and which prevents the replication and duplication of tickets. For this week’s UEFA Super Cup match between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid in Tallinn, a new system was fully deployed whereby UEFA distributed 100% of the match tickets sold to the general public through the deployment of a blockchain-based dedicated iOS and android app.”
“To achieve this, UEFA chose a blockchain-based ticket distribution system combined with mobile Bluetooth devices at the stadium entrances. Fine-tuning and improvements took place at several test events, and the system was first used for 50% of the tickets distributed to the general public for the 2018 UEFA Europa League final between Atlético and Marseille in Lyon. Following the successful implementation of the new system for the Lyon final, UEFA was able to increase the distribution system to all of the general public acquiring tickets for this year’s UEFA Super Cup match in Estonia. UEFA will continue to develop the system further, with the aim of using it at future events.”
See more for yourself, here.  There’s even a video to show you how the new UEFA blockchain works-This clearly has very big implications. The automation of ticket gates via the blockchain will make the ticketing process faster and more secure and indeed, it will give fans more control of their visit to football matches, by having better control of purchasing and dealing with the tickets themselves.Football is a huge sport, based upon a huge industry. Day by day we see more instances of blockchain technology being introduced to football. Could this sport end up being the first of its kind to fully adopt the blockchain? Investment Disclaimer
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