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What Does This Appointment Mean For Future Ripple Partnerships, Could Mastercard And Visa Be On The Cards?
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What Does This Appointment Mean For Future Ripple Partnerships, Could Mastercard And Visa Be On The Cards?

This week, Ripple have appointed Kahina Van Dyke as Senior Vice President in Business and Corporate Development. This means that Van Dyke will be responsible for the overall development of Ripple as a business. With over 20 years experience in the field, Van Dyke offers a wealth of expertise that is sure to drive Ripple in a new direction. Some of Van Dyke’s previous work has seen her leading the likes of Mastercard and Citibank, as well as working most recently for Facebook. Previously some of her work has seen partnerships forged with the likes of Facebook, Citibank, PayPayk, Visa and Western Union. As we know, Ripple love a partnership, as does Van Dyke, therefore the potential for something huge now surrounds Ripple. According to an interview by Ripple, Van Dyke has spoken very positively about the company, stating:
“Ripple also has an eye toward the future: the potential global impact that a faster, more efficient and cost-effective global payments network can have on people and businesses around the world. Ripple offers a compelling opportunity to be a transformative force for good in the world of money movement. Together, with our partners, we can reduce friction and deliver better options for individuals, businesses and financial institutions. It’s an exciting time in the industry — and I feel very fortunate to be a part of creating the next generation of global payments.”
You can see the full interview for yourself, here. Van Dyke promises to really drive Ripple into a new and innovative direction. With ties to the likes of Citibank, Mastercard and Visa there is now space for Ripple to open up talks with the likes of Mastercard and Visa in an attempt to really streamline an adoption programme for Ripples services. We should also consider this, as Ripple open up more partnerships and grow in the financial world, XRP will grow too. It might not be on Van Dyke’s radar just yet, but perhaps one day we will see XRP integrated into Mastercards and Visas services. Imagine that.

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