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Three New Exchange Listings Bring Ripple XRP Three Steps Closer To Coinbase

Ripple XRP is about to see three brand new exchange listings that could very well mark a new era for XRP as a cryptocurrency. Of course, the more exchanges a cryptocurrency is available on, the more trading pair options become available and of course, this also ensures that the customer base and target demographic of the cryptocurrency grows. More customers means more buying. More buying means a higher price. It goes something like that anyway.

As XRP gains traction with more exchanges, the more likely it will be that large exchanges such as Coinbase eventually decide to list XRP. Coinbase exists as a bit of an end goal here because this listing would see XRP skyrocket. Although as we know, whilst XRP’s security drama continues, Coinbase will not touch this currency.

These three exchanges however, will be:

DX.Exchange have announced that they are going to be listing Ripple XRP. DX.Exchange is an EU regulated cryptocurrency exchange, so therefore an XRP listing here does come with a wealth of legitimacy. The exchange is still in testing mode, but as soon as DX.Exchange goes live on the 25th of July, so will their listing of Ripple XRP.

Australia based, The Cryptocurrency Exchange (by name and by nature), have also announced that why will be listing Ripple XRP. As a matter of fact, XRP went live this Saturday and is now available within The Cryptocurrency Exchange as a reduced brokerage fee of just 0.1%.

Finally, Unodax have announced that XRP is to be added as a base coin to the Unodax exchange. This will see XRP, ETH and BTC added as base currencies, traded between 17 crypto-crypto trading pairs. Since Unodax is based in India, their new operations need to comply with the recent Reserve Bank of India regulations that have hampered the industry within India, by ensuring that trading is only available on a crypto-crypto basis.

XRP is unlikely to skyrocket with these listings, but as mentioned, this once again brings XRP to the fore and gives the likes of Coinbase a little taster of what could be to come. More exchanges for XRP can only be a good thing and thus, we can only expect both Ripple and XRP to grow rapidly as a result of this.

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