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The Most Accurate Crypto Memes Of 2018

The Most Accurate Crypto Memes Of 2018
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Bitcoin has officially been deemed more popular than Beyonce, but the songstress still boasts more Instagram followers than any Bitcoin Insta. Perhaps because there is only one verified Beyonce, while there are hundreds of crypto-based accounts. The vibrant arena of cryptocurrency has generated a bevy of memes, referencing everything from pop divas to the Simpsons and President Donald Trump. Here are the best memes from the crypto community in 2018: It’s safe to say 2018 has been a rollercoaster (or children’s slide) for Bitcoin. The digital currency peaked at $17K USD on January 7, dropped to $7K USD a month later, and currently stands at $6K USD in June 2018. These intense price fluctuations are standard in crypto, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful for traders. Those who are focused on long-term investments will inevitably see gains, but the volatile market can hurt confidence in the interim. Centralized exchanges have largely contributed to the mid-2018 value plunge. A handful of exchanges, including Coincheck, Bitgrail and Coinrail had a combined 700M stolen from their centralized platforms. For crypto to truly flourish, traders need to commit to decentralized exchanges, like LQDEX and The beauty of cryptocurrency is within the decentralized ethos of the technology. The government has made many attempts at regulating digital currencies. In fact, the SEC warned investors to be mindful of “potential scams” involving ICOs — but everyone should always #DYOR. Volatility aside, urban legend tells us: get rich and suddenly the “love” of your life may appear! #BitDigger When you meet the love of your life, you may find that your partner isn’t as enthusiastic about investing in emerging digital currencies. Don’t fret! They’ll be satisfied when you take it to the moon.

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