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The Future Of Cardano
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The Future Of Cardano

The team at Cardano are desiring to see success in 2018. Their goals include the rollout of a system for smart contracts which could potentially represent multiple improvements for the Ethereum blockchain and if it proves to be successful this could be huge. Charles Hoskinson, a former Ethereum developer and high up in the ranks of the company isn’t afraid to talk about touting the supposed superiority of Ouroboros. In April, Hoskinson said that Proof-of-Stake has been “solved”. Cardano is hopeful that there will be vital improvements over Ethereum both in terms of the consensus protocol and a smart contract platform which will hopefully be enough to surpass Ethereum’s position as the top application platform. There are many other platforms which are trying to do the same however, Cardano is different from the rest. With their huge network of researchers and their thought-out approach gives them an upper hand on the topic. What has Cardano achieved in 2018? In late May this year, Cardano launched their first test net virtual machine. The Ethereum Virtual machine is what allows, the execution of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. For new currency, a functional wallet is crucial. The Cardano community has been requesting more features for the Cardano wallet, which still has a lot left to be worked on. The team is has put hours upon hours of time to be able to roll out the latest features, and make sure that the wallet is optimised for peak performance. More to come in the future Even though the basic improvements to the wallet are already available for access, there is more to come in the future. Overall, these new upgrades will be the groundwork for supporting more features like mobile wallets, simplified APIs and multi-signatures transactions. I’m sure that in the future Cardano will be constantly be adding to their products and making sure customer satisfaction is achieved.

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