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Is EOS About to See a Huge Investment?

Is EOS About to See a Huge Investment?
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According to Bloomberg,, the company behind EOS are on the verge of seeing some large scale investment from the hands of Peter Thiel and Jian Wu, with the latter better known as a co-founder of Bitmain Technologies. The speculation comes from a fundraising round established by that also adds the names of Louis Bacon and Alan Howard to the list, though as it stands, none of the aforementioned have been able to comment, nor do we know the full scale or the full nature of the potential investment. According to Bloomberg:
“The investment from Thiel and Wu comes after finished the world’s biggest sale of cryptocurrency tokens for $4 billion in May. In the transaction, often described as initial coin offering, sold so-called EOS tokens, the fifth-most valuable cryptocurrency according to data from The money raised from the tokens are set to build a new operating platform for blockchain, similar to Microsoft Inc.’s Windows OS.”
You can see the full article for yourself, here. Why would this investment be advantageous to EOS? As we know, are the company behind EOS and since the EOS ecosystem only promises further growth, we believe that this is still at the fore of’s operations and thus, should they receive some large scale donations in a new fundraising round, from the aforementioned investors then we should assume that a bulk of this will run back into EOS in some capacity. Whilst it might not go into the purchase of EOS tokens, it’ll no doubt improve the service and the platform which in turn might well encourage further investment. What I am saying here is that no matter how the investment is spent, if it even comes close to EOS (which it will via the price of EOS is sure to benefit somehow. Bloomberg are unable to offer any further comment on when to expect this investment, though they do think it could happen as soon as this week. Likewise, we can’t be sure of the full scale of the investment either, there's no way to know how much money will go into the project and, as mentioned, we can’t really be sure how it will be spent. Hopefully though, will ensure that EOS does indeed benefit from this.

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