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Ronaldinho's New Ambitious Cryptocurrency Project Looks Excellent

Ronaldinho's New Ambitious Cryptocurrency Project Looks Excellent
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Known throughout the world for his legendary football skills, the Brazilian icon Ronaldinho has announced the launch of his own cryptocurrency. The former Barcelona star’s new project aims to create a football academy, play host to both amateur and global league matches, create and subsequently operate an online betting platform and even attempt to develop digital virtual reality stadiums which would help to analyse the skills of football players. The currency at the heart of this project is Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC), which is based on the NEO blockchain platform. The ex-player has also partnered himself with the World Soccer Coin, a relatively new start-up company with a base in Malta. At the time of writing, the coin has a limited supply, currently numbering 350 million. The first 150 million of these will be sold in privately run sales over the next few days, with the remaining 200 million set to be released to public sales at an undisclosed time in the future. Customers can use these coins for a variety of purposes, including to gain access to digital stadiums and E-Sports. These digital stadiums are going to be developed in approximately 300 locations across the globe and will be operating in Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East within the next three years. The coins can also be used to buy content within both virtual reality and augmented reality platforms, as well as being used for gambling and purchasing goods online. The popularity of Ronaldinho shows no signs of slowing down, and it's likely that his cryptocurrency project will become just as famous as he is. Combining the technologies of E-sports and virtual reality with cryptocurrency will be a fan favourite, and knowing that the project plans to grow dramatically over the next few years means that fans are likely to make excellent returns on their initial investment.

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