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Market Update - EOS, IOTA & NEO Flying High

Market Update - EOS, IOTA & NEO Flying High
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Friday the 13th, unlucky for some but historically great for the markets! It seems that this morning too, the markets are relishing in a bit of luck, with the majority of cryptocurrencies now now moving upwards, away from the negative trend that has battered the markets throughout today. We can be pretty certain that this is simply down to correction and not as a result of an impending bull run or a market recovery. If this correction continues into the weekend perhaps a recovery could be underway, though at this point, it’s doubtful. Either way, as the day progresses we need to keep an eye on market values, whilst these upwards movements may be temporary, they could act as a signal for the latter end of July, is there more to come? Let’s see how the markets stand today. At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $7.13, up 5.07%. Last time the markets surged, EOS moved up prior to this, leading the markets into the April bull run. Ironically, this also happened on Friday the 13th… EOS is certainly a currency to keep an eye on through today. We know this is a crypto that is currently way undervalued and thus, does host the potential to skyrocket. IOTA at the time of writing is valued at $0.98, up 2.63%. IOTA is on a steady climb and could move back up to $1.00 today. If this is the case, some of the damage taken on by IOTA through the week could be reversed, though we expect that this is only temporary. NEO at the time of writing is valued at $33.04, up 2.65% NEO is on a similar climb to IOTA, but is climbing at a faster rate than its neighbours TRON and Monero, which are only up 0.85% and 0.34% respectively. We will assume that this positive trend will continue through the afternoon, by the evening though expect the markets to tail off and see some balance restored. Otherwise, maybe we can hope that this Friday the 13th will pan out a little like that last one.

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