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Twitter Pay A Visit To TRON, Are They About To Lift The Crypto Advertising Ban?

Twitter Pay A Visit To TRON, Are They About To Lift The Crypto Advertising Ban?
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Yesterday, members of the Twitter management team paid a visit to the TRON Foundation, raising questions about their justifications for this visit. Are they about to announce a partnership? Perhaps Twitter are about to lift the crypto ban, or perhaps this is more of an attempt from Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, to get Twitter on board one of his projects? According to Ethereum World News:
“It appears Twitter and Tron (TRX) are discussing something very vital. Justin Sun, the founder of Tron announced today that the micro-blogging site sent some of its officials to Tron office. The beginning of a partnership is always a romance between two or three firms, it is the same in the cryptocurrency space. It cannot be fully said that the two firms are planning a partnership, since Justin has not revealed the reasons behind Twitter’s sudden visit.”
See the full post for yourself, here. We agree, this is unlikely to develop into a partnership but I do believe that here, Twitter could be exploring some cryptos more closely to help them decide which direction to take in terms of cryptocurrency facilitation within their service. As it stands, crypto advertising on Twitter is banned, yet, as we know, rivals Facebook recently lifted their crypto advertising ban (with some restrictions) so maybe this is a step Twitter are looking to take. Moreover, by meeting with the TRON team, Twitter will gain a better insight into how they might be able to foster a safer cryptocurrency climate within their product. It’s wrong for Twitter to totally disregard cryptocurrency, it seems that with this latest move, they have now realised that.

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