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Fandom And Celebrity In Cryptocurrency, McAfee, Lee And Ver

Fandom And Celebrity In Cryptocurrency, McAfee, Lee And Ver
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At Crypto Daily, we have been exploring the worlds of gaming and cryptocurrency, during the process we have been able to draw a number of comparisons that prove our initial hypothesis - the cryptocurrency and video gaming worlds are very similar.
“When you think about it, cryptocurrency investment takes hold a similar format to a video game. You begin with an alias, a new focus point (your private key for example) and then take action to achieve an objective in the quickest and most cost-effective way. Actions are traded for points (cryptocurrencies) but if you slip up or take too much of a risk, you’re likely to lose some of these points. Loose to many, you lose the game.
There’s more. We could get into patterns of addiction that come through cryptocurrency investment and compare that to addictive behaviour within gaming. Also, there’s the community aspect too. Fandom, celebrity and technology also play huge parts in cryptocurrencies.” You can see our first article of the series, here- Today, we are going to explore how celebrity and fandom operate within cryptocurrency. In a similar way to the video game industry, we have celebrities of cryptocurrency, people who have built a life upon the industry and thus have generated a bit of notoriety in the process. As with video gaming, these celebrities are often hailed, praised and given nicknames, they have become icons of the culture and this, are worshipped by many. Such examples from the gaming world might include people like; Ninja, Shroud and Pewdiepie, whos online presence can of course be compared to the likes of Charlie Lee, Roger Ver and John McAfee. What we want to ask is, how can this phenomena be so transcendent across the two industries? It is as if, as humans, when a new ‘thing’ arrives, we look towards a figure of leadership to help us within our decision making. Few people actually host the ‘gonads’ to take advantage of this and build upon our human nature to worship. People like McAfee and Ver see this as an opportunity and use clever marketing techniques to generate an audience and a following. With this, comes a perceived expertise and authority. In essence, fans of Ver believe whatever he says is right, no matter what the facts and evidence suggest. Likewise within gaming, the authority developed by these celebrities helps the community to make decisions and build opinions. Whatever Shroud says goes, right? It’s an interesting form of discursive formation really. These celebrities have the power to build ideology through which our behaviour is moderated. Look at McAfee’s current assault on HitBTC and look at how his community of followers has his back, no matter what. In some ways, celebrity and fandom within cryptocurrency is a littler stronger than within video gaming, simply because in cryptocurrency financial assets are involved so therefore, emotional responses are expected to be higher, however, we can still see a bunch of similarities between these figureheads in both industries. Overall, this just acts as yet another example, reminding us how similar the two industries are. Tomorrow, we will explore the technology driving this, how can video games and the blockchain compare and moreover, how does the future look for the two?

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