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Why Cryptocurrency Is Like A Video Game
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Why Cryptocurrency Is Like A Video Game

When you think about it, cryptocurrency investment takes hold a similar format to a video game. You begin with an alias, a new focus point (your private key for example) and then take action to achieve an objective in the quickest and most cost-effective way. Actions are traded for points (cryptocurrencies) but if you slip up or take too much of a risk, you’re likely to lose some of these points. Loose to many, you lose the game. There’s more. We could get into patterns of addiction that come through cryptocurrency investment and compare that to addictive behaviour within gaming. Also, there’s the community aspect too. Fandom, celebrity and technology also play huge parts in cryptocurrencies. Hopefully I’ve convinced you. If you didn’t see crypto as a game before, you should see why it is a game now. Of course, I am not trying to be insulting and this is not me saying “cryptocurrencies are a novelty, like a game you get bored of”, no, they are far more sophisticated than this. They are a game of strategy, wit and of course patience, less Mario kart and more, Chess for example. Not convinced? In an attempt to convince the naysayers, we are going to publish a string of articles that discuss this as an idea and we will cover the topics covered above; Cryptocurrency as game play Cryptocurrency addiction is like game addiction Why the crypto and gaming communities are similar Fandom and celebrity in cryptocurrency How game technology can be used to map out a future for blockchain technology To get us started, here’s a definition of game, according to
“Activity engaged in for diversion or amusement: a procedure or strategy for gaining an end:  physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other: a field of gainful activity: any activity undertaken or regarded as a contest involving rivalry, strategy, or struggle.”
See more for yourself, here- Cryptocurrency is a game that we all play. Its wild, exciting, addictive, risky and fun. It’s integrated into our lives and promises to exist in our future. Stay tuned for this one.

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