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Cryptocurrencies In The Premier League, Which Coin Best Represents Which Team?

Cryptocurrencies In The Premier League, Which Coin Best Represents Which Team?
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Keeping in line with the trend of football fever, we want to take a look at how the English Premier League would look if we replaced this seasons line up with cryptocurrencies instead. Okay yes, this is a bit of fun, but you never know, perhaps we will learn something about the personalities of a number of cryptocurrencies through this. See it as an experiment more than anything else! Bitcoin Bitcoin is of course a dominant force with a bit of an arrogant attitude. Much like Manchester United, Bitcoin is famous, tough and rather notorious, therefore if Bitcoin had to be a football team, we think it would be Man-U. Ethereum Ethereum always shows great promise. One day it could finish top of the league but somehow, it never quite makes it. Sounds a bit like Liverpool FC right? (I am a Liverpool fan myself so I feel this pain). Ripple XRP We believe that Ripple XRP is most like Manchester City, and not just for its blue colour scheme. Like Manchester City, Ripple love a good partnership. Okay so Ripple haven’t won any major tournaments just yet, but you get the idea. Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash would probably be replaced by Arsenal. They regularly finish 4th (Bitcoin Cash is currently ranked 4th according to and often exist in the limelight of other teams. Sorry gunners. EOS The gunners will like this. EOS would no doubt make a great Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs are well known for their failure to breach the top 4. Much like EOS, Spurs always show promise yet somehow never seem to materialise on it. Litecoin Everton and Litecoin go hand in hand. Often in the shadow of Ethereum, Litecoin struggles to ever make it into the top 5. We could even refer to the failure of Lite Pay as similar to Everton’s recent failure through re-signing Wayne Rooney. Cardano Cardano is a currency with a great level of resilience. West Ham United are similar in a sense. They appear as a formidable force and have great ideas yet sometimes, other technologies come out on top. Perhaps the future for Cardano will be a little brighter, given the recent news that refers to a bonding between Cardano and Google. Stellar Chelsea. I actually think that even the linguistic properties of Stellar and Chelsea are similar. Anyway, Stellar has been a little quiet lately, in the same way Chelsea have. Of course, both Stellar and Chelsea have the potential to really break the news but somehow, they manage to avoid this. IOTA IOTA is a growing force with big plans to expand (Q etc). Likewise, Burnley are about to enter European Football for the first time in a very long time. Granted, their first outing is only as far as Aberdeen, but, the Europa League promises some great growth, growth that is currently being reflected within the IOTA Ecosystem. Tether Tether is a stablecoin, so it exists on a very level playing field. Crystal Palace are similar in this sense. A mid table team with mid table aspirations. This was not designed to belittle any football teams, instead, we are just pointing out how some of the negative sides to the aforementioned football teams can relate to the struggles of a number of cryptocurrencies. Hopefully you can take something from this and devise your own crypto-premier league. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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