Audi And IOTA Foundation In Exciting New Partnership

Audi And IOTA Foundation In Exciting New Partnership
As many will know, the IOTA Foundation have a very significant role within mobilities research and in researching how the blockchain can provide solutions for things like transport. Therefore, headlines such as this one should hardly come as a surprise.Audi are a German automobile company responsible for the design and manufacture of a range of cars, both typical family cars and more luxury supercars. They are a branch of the Volkswagen Group and thus have an international reach and a brand that carries a great deal of significance. According to the IOTA Foundation:
“We can’t imagine life without mobility, yet nowadays ‘mobility’ goes way beyond the car, encompassing infrastructure solutions and new concepts of locomotion, as well as pedestrians. But what will the premium mobility of the future be? Who will define it, who will influence it and who will shape it?”
IOTA believe that Audi hold the answers to all of these questions.The new partnership between Audi and the IOTA Foundation was announced yesterday in Berlin and aims to see a pairing of minds all working towards the production of a ‘permissionless mobility ecosystem’. According to the official IOTA announcement:
“In its efforts to build a permissionless mobility ecosystem, the IOTA Foundation just started a one week Google Design Sprint with Audi Denkwerkstatt — which is Audi’s Think Tank — in Berlin to explore Tangle-based use cases, build a low level prototype and to gather customer feedback. The aim is to establish business models independently or in cooperation with others. This new way of working is exemplary for how car manufacturers approach innovation and is a great opportunity for IOTA to be maybe integrated into a new mobility solution with expertise from Audi.”
You can see the full announcement for yourself, here.  Blockchain technology and transport (including automotives) are two concepts that go hand in hand. Altogether, the blockchain promises to assist in all areas of the automotive industry but IOTA do seem to wish to focus on the actual mobilities side of this. It’s not the first big partnership we have seen in this research area and indeed it won’t be the last. IOTA are a trend that is spreading across Europe. With so many major car manufacturers based in Europe, IOTA are finding themselves within a playing field of research and innovation. Investment Disclaimer
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