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Blockchain Hasn’t Reached Aviation Yet, Lufthansa Want To Change That

Blockchain Hasn’t Reached Aviation Yet, Lufthansa Want To Change That
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Lufthansa, the biggest airline in Germany and Europe, and, one of the biggest airlines in the world want to tap into the world of blockchain. Rightly so too. The automotive industry, the shipping industry and most other logistic industries are tapping into blockchain technology yet as it stands, no major airlines seem to be developing plans to explore the blockchain, on a public level at least. It’s pretty easy to see how the blockchain can improve the world of aviation. From transparency in engineering to the improvement of passenger services. It seems that with their latest announcement, Lufthansa want to be at the fore of this. Lufthansa are set to partner with software firm SAP. The partnership, sees the start of ‘The Aviation Blockchain Challenge’ that wants to foster healthy competition in the pursuit of fresh and innovative ideas that should explore how blockchain technology can benefit the aviation industry. According to Coindesk, a spokesperson from Lufthansa has commented on the partnership, stating that:
"While many industries have found their first use cases, the impact on the aviation sector is not noticeable yet. We want to change that together with SAP and see substantial potential in our industry to utilize blockchain and other plays of decentralized networks."
See the full article for yourself, here. Competitors and innovators will be encourages to explore how blockchain technology can impact flight booking services, internal data systems and third party supply chains. Those already involved in blockchain startups are especially encouraged to take part, on the premise that they will be able to bring a wealth of prior knowledge to the table. This is a very promising development for aviation within Europe. As Lufthansa are Europe’s biggest airline, findings from this competition could very well outline a whole new landscape for blockchain technology as a part of the aviation industry across many other European airlines. Moreover, findings from this will have great implications for airports too, and the customers that use them. Lufthansa can see that the blockchain will influence more than just themselves and thus, want to be one step ahead of the game by recruiting innovative minds, alongside SAP, which promises to foster an very futuristic outlook for the way we travel by air, globally.

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