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As Expected, Google Backtracks On Cryptocurrency Advertising Ban
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As Expected, Google Backtracks On Cryptocurrency Advertising Ban

  Cryptocurrency Searched on Google We saw the headlines ‘Google now advertising Coinbase’ ‘Crypto Ads back on Google’ but we wanted to test it out for ourselves (see above). Indeed, it’s true, Google have backtracked on their recent decision ban cryptocurrency advertising, suspiciously just after Facebook have (almost) announced the same thing. The Facebook announcement came as Facebook are looking to continue to explore the crypto-universe. As a result, they have agreed to allow for a moderated cryptocurrency advertising culture, one which still bans the advertisement of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Google however, at present have not made any announcements, instead, some keen eyed Redditors have actually located a number of cryptocurrency adverts through Google instead. Simply just search for Cryptocurrency, or Bitcoin or Ethereum and see it for yourself. The adverts are there, loud and clear. In our example, we are seeing advertisements for Coinbase, and eToro. We did expect this to happen, especially given Facebook’s u-turn, realistically Google have been forced to follow suit. Moreover, with Google making the next move, we can only expect Twitter to do the same thing soon enough. Whilst it is probably quite embarrassing for those at Google who made the initial decision, moves like this are essential for ensuring the crypto-revolution is able to continue revolving. My enabling legitimate advertising, Google are allowing for the spread of legitimate information, information that might help investors make better decisions. Also, it’s something Google have probably realised they can make an awful lot of money off. Of course, we do expect Google to make a more specific announcement with this. They will no doubt follow the trend set by Facebook, crypto-advertising, yes, ICO-advertising, no. That seems to be the fashion at the moment. It’ll all change round again soon mind, we literally cannot keep up.

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