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Why This Telegram Bot Can Help You To Trade Cryptocurrencies

Why This Telegram Bot Can Help You To Trade Cryptocurrencies
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When it comes to cryptocurrencies, up until now, you have only been limited by yourself. With this we mean that, although there is no physical limit as to how much capital can be invested when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but there is however a limit as to how much time you can spend researching and trading each day. There are a number of programs out there that make this entire process automatic; however, more often than not these are just not as good as doing it yourself. To solve this, you would need to use intelligent algorithms that can provide human traders with all the information that is needed to make the best trading decision at any time. This is why news from the Intelligent Trading Foundation, that they have developed a platform they believe does this, could shake the entire crypto community. The Intelligent Trading Bots for Telegram isolate the important trading signals, before sending alerts that notify traders of potential opportunities in the market. The Telegram Bot uses different trading signals and strategies that incorporate popular technical analysis signals, including; Simple Moving Average, Relative Strength Index and Ichimoku Cloud Breakout for hundreds of cryptocurrencies. This, combined with crowd sentiment alerts from CryptoPanic means that it does all of the work needed for traders to make better trades. The Intelligent Trading InfoBot will display on demand information about a specific cryptocurrency to members of a Telegram Group that has it enabled. The information displayed will include the current coin price, trading volume, as well as the latest trading alerts. The bot can easily pull the data for 269 coins, 442 trading pairs, and 3 exchanges. The Intelligent Trading Foundation is continuing to develop an artificial intelligence powered trading assistant for the crypto markets, which all use the latest cutting edge technology. Thanks to the amount of information that these bots can store, it can deliver a complete game changer for traders.

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