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TRON Remains Flat In Lead Up To Independence Day

TRON Remains Flat In Lead Up To Independence Day
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To re-cap, the 31st of May 2018 saw the roll out of the TRON MainNet, the beginning of a new era for TRON, TRX and the TRON Foundation. This sees TRON move away from the Ethereum blockchain with TRX finding a new home within a native token, away from Ethereum’s popular ERC-20 format. Because of this, June has been marked as a transition period for TRON, as exchanges and wallets prepare for the token migration and of course, as investors prepare for MainNet changes. As a part of this, June is seeing a beta-version of the MainNet which in turn, is allowing developers to wore tirelessly to find, locate and remove any bugs and vulnerabilities that exist within the TRON blockchain. The TRON Foundation are pretty fixed on ensuring these creases are ironed out before the full token migration takes place, a date which has been coined, Independence Day by the TRON Foundation. The team’s passion for ensuring the network is fully secure is reflected within a bounty offer made by Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON, which see’s the offer of bounties of up to $100,000.00 as a payment for finding and reporting any TRON bugs or vulnerabilities. Along with all of this action, comes an air of caution that is having a negative impact on the value of TRON. Investors may very well see this and begin to worry about what might happen to TRON once the token swap is finalised, however don’t panic just yet. The trend we are seeing at the moment comes from a mix of anticipation and a negative climate. Given that TRON managed to remain as a top ten cryptocurrency despite not existing on its own blockchain is sentiment to the technology behind TRON and its integrity. In short, if the value of TRX does continue to fall, it has at least proven over the last few weeks, it does have to ability and the intrinsic value to rise again. At the time of writing, TRON TRX is valued at $0.056 down 4.31%. At the end of April, we saw TRON almost hit $0.10, showing that since then TRON has suffered from a large-scale backpedal, yet even with this in mind, the market capitalisation of TRON has remained strong. As a matter of fact, TRON even managed to hold ninth place for quite some time, even within this market. The future of TRON may be uncertain; however, the team are very dedicated to the cause. Although TRON looks to be a little sleepy at the moment, don’t write it off just yet. With big things on the horizon, TRON can certainly recover from this brief period of de-motivation. Hopefully then, we see things change pretty soon and perhaps Independence Day really will bring TRON investors, some good fortune.

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