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5 Young, Crazy Bitcoin Millionaires

The fast moving, dynamic and ever-expanding world of cryptocurrencies has catapulted thousands of people over the globe into newfound fame and fortune in recent years. Here are some of the craziest Bitcoin millionaires out there:

1. Eric Finman

Eric became a millionaire at the tender age of 18, after investing in Bitcoin at only 12. Not only did he make his millions, but he won a bet with his parents that if he managed to make a million by his 18th birthday, he didn’t have to go to college!

2. Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy, who’s only 25, travels the world, waxing lyrical about the wonders of Bitcoin and teaching investment techniques and strategies. He’s been described as a prophet in the world of cryptocurrency, building a dedicated following of speculators and investors as he’s moved from venture to venture. He’s started a blockchain forecasting startup, and a kind of commune where crypto enthusiasts live and work under the same roof.

3. Charlie Shrem

Probably one of the most famous (or infamous) Bitcoin investors out there, the 27-year-old has amassed a fortune of close to $45m, making him one of the most successful investors in the world. His star fell slightly, however, when he was accused and found guilty of money laundering for ominous ‘deep web’ ecommerce platform (known for selling drugs and guns) ‘The Silk Road’ in 2014. Shrem spent two years in jail as a result.

4. Yifu Guo

The 27-year-old masterminded the growth of the very first Bitcoin mining company, Avalon. He’s one of the most active investors out there, and having built a fortune of approximately $5m while doling out advice, is considered a popular, successful and influential thinker in the industry.

5. Ross Ulbricht

The 33-year-old, who went by the online handle ‘The Dread Pirate Roberts’, was the founder of the infamous online platform that got Charlie Shrem in trouble: ‘The Silk Road’. Despite amassing an incredible fortune of over 145,000 Bitcoins, his involvement in murky ‘dark web’ activities mean he’s been sentenced to life in prison. So, whether he gets a chance to spend his hard earned cash or not is another question entirely.

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