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Submit To The Presence Of The Blockchain God

Submit To The Presence Of The Blockchain God
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The cult-like nature of some cryptocurrencies may often be referred to as a bit of a religion. Indeed, there are a lot of people that joke about being within the ‘church of Bitcoin’ and moreover, many figures within the industry are referred to in a religious manner, such as Roger Ver, the Bitcoin Jesus. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before somebody made an actual blockchain religion. This one, just to happens to be build on the Ethereum blockchain. The religion, called 0xΩ (we think it should be pronounced as, o,x,omega?) has been produced by Matt Liston and Avery Singer. Those who own a stake in 0xΩ are able to vote on what represents their religious beliefs so therefore, the idea is to essentially build a religious democracy, through the purchase of 0xΩ as an asset. This sounds very complicated, doesn’t it? 0xΩ is alleged to have been launched at the Seven on Seven conference in New York, where Liston and Singer set up a bit of a charade to woo the audience and to launch the product. According to “Members of the audience were allowed to be the first to join the church: spectators were offered slips of the highly-inflated Zimbabwe dollar and Weimar Republic’s Reichsmark inscribed with private and public keys people could use to generate a wallet and enter into the religion right there at the event. To add a ceremonious vibe, the duo handed out 40 hard copies of the project’s sacred text, the Flame Paper, while dressed in fire-patterned shoes and money-patterned clothing.” Moreover, Liston has referred to Bitcoin as the world’s first fully capitalist religion, stating that: “In our secular culture, we have sort of replaced religion with capitalism or, rather, this rampant consumerism. 0xΩ isn’t a direct critique of that, but I think it’s definitely a clear point to make.” See more from, here- This latter reference to Bitcoin as a capitalist religion is very interesting. In its essence, it is a bit of a capitalist religion, encouraging ‘followers’ to worship value. In this instance, I guess you can refer to crypto-jackers as socialists trying to seize the means of production? Either way 0xΩ has been established here to fulfil a ‘need’ for a blockchain based religious discussion. It is quite light hearted but I guess Liston and Singer wanted to provide a democratic platform for people to worship blockchain technology, away from the more capitalist agenda of currencies such as Bitcoin? It’s confusing and it’s hard to get your head around. At the very least, this is just an example of how creative one can be with blockchain technology, isn’t it?

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