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How TRON Are Inspiring A New TRX Community
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How TRON Are Inspiring A New TRX Community

Perhaps we should re-name June, TRON month? With the TRON MainNet launch now in action and the eventual migration of TRON’s TRX token from the ERC-20 format, it has been a promising month for TRON as both a currency and a growing blockchain project. Maybe TRX itself hasn’t seen the increase in value expected this month, but really this is down to a number of things, many of which are ultimately out of TRON’s control. Regardless of this slight spell of negativity, the TRON Foundation are still working hard to boost the project into a more prosperous future, as a part of this, they are looking to recruit a number of new team members in what has been names, TRON Core, TRONICS Recruitment. The TRON Foundation are now taking on applications from prospective TRONICS members up until the 25th of June 2018, just in time for the final token migration. You can see all of the relevant information supporting this announcement, here- What sort of things will the new TRONICS team handle? As a member of the community, you will be tasked with various different jobs, from providing community feedback, answering questions, organising TRON meet-ups, translating TRON news and articles and producing product experience reports. TRON wants these people, to become integral parts of the growing TRON ecosystem. Am I eligible? Of course, with any ‘job’ vacancy, there is a list of criteria that applicants need to meet. If you are a TRX holder with at least 10,000 TRX tokens, a believer in both TRON and blockchain technology, educated in blockchain technology, proficient in a minority language, have access to groups/forums with over 500 members then you are able to apply. These are very specific criteria, but I guess TRON really want to narrow their applicant base down to ensure they only get people who are fully committed to the cause, on board. What’s in it for me? So, if you think you have the skills and the prior experience, you’ll probably want to know what benefits you can get from the new TRONICS community. You get direct access and cooperation with the TRON Foundation. You will, on occasion receive TRX payments, you get access to custom TRON gift packages and you can participate in offline TRON activities and meetings. So, you won’t get paid a salary, but as a voluntary position, the perks aren’t so bad. To apply, simply write to [email protected] Overall, this is a positive move and is at least giving some people access to as form of work experience within the blockchain industry. One day, we do expect blockchain experience to become a very key skill, something with great bearing for any CV or job application.

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