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Here’s The Real Winner Of The Trump x Kim Summit

Here’s The Real Winner Of The Trump x Kim Summit
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With the Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting now in full effect, in an event known as the Singapore Summit, the world’s media are going a bit crazy, for obvious reasons. This has marked a momentous and historic occasion, so naturally, we did expect to see some sort of cryptocurrency-based publicity stunt. It does seem that such a stunt, has done this currency quite a big favour. Dennis Rodman Front Shot With PitCoin Shirt Potcoin, as endorsed by NBA superstar Dennis Rodman is a currency well associated with North Korean based media attention, with Potcoin actually paying Rodman to travel to North Korea to help advertise the cannabis-based cryptocurrency in 2017. Therefore, it only seems right that Potcoin made an appearance during the meeting between the American and North Korean leaders. The publicity stunt did not see any specific action taken, instead, Rodman simply appeared in various interviews and talks with a wealth of news outlets, wearing a Potcoin branded t-shirt, that stated ‘Peace Starts in Singapore. Image Sourced From: For those who don’t know, Potcoin has been designed as a solution for a growing legal Cannabis industry and aims to improve how online payments for legal cannabis products are facilitated online. They do also seem to have a side project, which uses Rodman to promote peace, love and unity. Overall, that can’t be a bad thing, can it? Since Rodman’s appearance in Singapore, Potcoin has seen a spike in value. At the time of writing, Potcoin is valued at $0.09, up 12.57%. Of course, this run of good luck is simply down to customer reaction to a very novel marketing approach and thus, we can’t expect to see Potcoin shoot up to $1.00 as a result of this. Either way though, this sort of marketing gets a response, a response that has now seen the name and brand of Potcoin appear in The Independent (UK) and Time Magazine to name but a few mainstream media outlets. Whilst Potcoin pursue world peace, let’s hope that politically, this summit is the start of a reduction in tensions between the USA and North Korea. Joking aside, this certainly marks a momentous occasion, props to Potcoin for actually making the most of it!

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