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EOS Could Still Be The Next Bitcoin

EOS Could Still Be The Next Bitcoin
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Okay, in terms of technology and following and status, we know that EOS as a currency is very different to Bitcoin. Within this though, we refer to the notion that EOS has the capacity to lead the markets, in the way that Bitcoin once did. Within this, EOS could one day host the capacity to dominate Bitcoin across the markets. Indeed, this could be the case as Bitcoin moves towards adoption, and inevitably becomes a less attractive investment option. EOS on the other hand has great promise. Commercially it is still pretty unknown, EOS is very much at the fore of the underground and thus EOS investors are still lucky enough to be a part of a bit of a cult, a cult that in turn could go on to take over Bitcoins cult status. At this point, I should note that this is not investment advice. We are not saying ‘invest in EOS, it will hit $20K’ but we are saying that EOS could very well reach the top spot and become the markets number one, assuming the market stays underground once Bitcoin reaches the mainstream. This is very speculative and for that we apologise, but at the very least, it bears thinking about doesn’t it. How is EOS performing at the moment? At the time of writing, EOS is down, significantly. EOS is valued at $7.65, down 2.95%. Bearing in mind a few months ago, EOS reached an all-time high, it’s current value is far from optimistic. What this does tell us though is that EOS has the capacity to grow quickly. In fact, during the April surge, EOS moved from a value similar to what we are seeing now, right up to just shy of $22.00 in a matter of days. This serves as another justification to reinforce the theory that EOS could surpass Bitcoin one day, it has an incredible capacity to expand. Overall, remember this is just speculation. We could never put a time on this nor can we ever guess that it will happen. The take home message is that in a few years’ time, the markets will look very different and at the very least, EOS should be attempting to make its way to the top.

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