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Stellar, EOS And Bitcoin Cash Back Up, Is The Correction Period Over Already?
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Stellar, EOS And Bitcoin Cash Back Up, Is The Correction Period Over Already?

Throughout yesterday into this morning we have seen the markets enter a steep correction period. Initially, this did look to continue for some time however, we are now seeing sometimes that this could just be a temporary blip, with three of the top ten currencies all starting to make slight gains albeit against the backdrop of an otherwise depressing market scene. The coins in question, Stellar, EOS and Bitcoin Cash have all made very positive progression over the last few weeks. It is good news that these currencies are starting to pull away from the decline, perhaps this is not only the end of the correction period, perhaps this is the start of the highly anticipated second April bull run? Regardless, let’s have a look at the figures we see now. At the time of writing, Stellar is valued at $0.37 and is up 7.30%. EOS is valued at $14.72 and is up 3.81%. Finally, Bitcoin Cash is valued at $1,328.00 and is up 2.67%. Before I continue we should bear in mind that this could be a temporary blip, however since EOS hasn’t slipped into a decline as of yet, we could suggest that this might not be the case. By the time this is published, we could see other nearby currencies follow the trend. If Bitcoin picks back up then we will almost certainly see everything else follow suit. Just for reference, let’s have a look at some of the other currencies. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is valued at $8,808.58 and is down 4.49%, Ethereum is valued at $625.73 and is down 0.88%, Ripple is valued at $0.80 and is down 2.48% and finally Litecoin is valued at $144.72, down 3.42%. As you can see, the negative trend still dominates here. What next? Well, as I say, by the time you read this the markets could have totally recovered and we could see values increasing. If this is sudden and hard then perhaps this really will kickstart a second bull run. Otherwise, we could see Stellar, EOS and Bitcoin Cash calm back down, putting this instance down to a slight deviation from the correction period and nothing more. It does seem too soon for such a steep correction period to end, either way though a universal optimism exists that really is rooting for this second April bull run. We only have a few days left of the month, now its not the end of the world if the bull run happens in May, but, it would be beneficial for it to take over this weekend simply because then we are entering a new month on a very positive note, something that will only encourage new investment. Let’s wait and see which direction Stellar, EOS and Bitcoin Cash turn before making any irrational judgements for now, things may be very different tomorrow. Featured Image Original Source: Pixabay

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