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Cryptocurrency As Game Play, Is This An MMORPG That Got Out Of Hand?
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Cryptocurrency As Game Play, Is This An MMORPG That Got Out Of Hand?

Yesterday, we published an article that discusses ideas surrounding cryptocurrency as a video game, almost a form of ‘play’. You can see our first article for yourself, here- This is a part of a short exploration by ourselves into the paradox between cryptocurrency and game play, as stated in our previous article, cryptocurrency is like a video game:
“When you think about it, cryptocurrency investment takes hold a similar format to a video game. You begin with an alias, a new focus point (your private key for example) and then take action to achieve an objective in the quickest and most cost-effective way. Actions are traded for points (cryptocurrencies) but if you slip up or take too much of a risk, you’re likely to lose some of these points. Loose to many, you lose the game.”
So, how is cryptocurrency a form of game play? Game play tends to have an objective. Objectives can be fluid, in that they are able to change shape and move around. Objectives may change based on previous actions, this occurs within cryptocurrency investment too. By being like a game, cryptocurrency investment allows us to reach objectives set both by ourselves and others. Within this, you are trying to meet your objectives by beating an automated process, the markets. Since cryptocurrency is online and investment is role playing (you’re technically playing the part of an investor, by investing in virtual assets in a sense) cryptocurrency investment is comparable to MMORPG games, such as Elder Scrolls online. This sort of gameplay is open, you can be creative and you can choose your own path. What sort of investor will you be? What do you aim to achieve? (long term vs short term), How will you achieve this? You also need to consider how other players can affect you. Big, high level players like Mt. Gox for example are well known to damage the quests of others and thus, you need to be wary of your rivals. Their decisions will not only impact yours, but they can also change the whole shape of what you aim to do. It is a novel concept, but the aim of this is to try and get people to understand how cryptocurrency markets work on a social level, they are more than just a dog-eat-dog business space, rather, the entire industry is built around a social culture. Could we go as far as saying cryptocurrencies could even be a social experiment? Probably. We want to know what you think about this, therefore, please let us know in the comments. If anything, this is just one big metaphor for trying to describe to a layperson, how volatile cryptocurrency investment is. In the same way you can’t predict the next move by Bowser when you’re trying to rescue Princess Peach (Super Mario, obviously) you also can’t predict the next move for Bitcoin, or TRON, or NEO etc. Next up, we are going to explore how addiction plays a part in cryptocurrency and how this form of addiction is comparable to the addiction found by players of certain games.

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