Are Ripple XRP And Zcash Next To Be Added to Coinbase?

Are Ripple XRP And Zcash Next To Be Added to Coinbase?
Speculation surrounding Ripple XRP and Coinbase continues today, however this time there’s some real evidence behind the allegation. From recent news reports, it does seem that Ripple XRP and Zcash could be the next two cryptocurrencies to be listed on the Coinbase exchange.As you know, a listing for any currency on Coinbase is good news, Ripple XRP specifically have been after such a listing for a very long time, simply because traders know this listing will skyrocket the price of XRP. Likewise, such a listing would be great news for Zcash too. Where has this come from?Well, we have recently reported that Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase has established a new cryptocurrency charity donation platform called Within this, users can donate cryptocurrencies to those in financial crisis. The important part for us however is the currencies that are accepted by the platform. These are;
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple XRP
  • Zcash
As we know, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin are all listed on Coinbase (Coinbase will also soon list Ethereum Classic) but Ripple XRP and Zcash are not. By accepting these two currencies on the platform, Armstrong has acknowledged not only their popularity, but also his belief in the currencies. Okay, he might have done this because he thinks Ripple XRP and Zcash owners are more likely to donate, but I think there’s something deeper going on here and I genuinely think this puts Armstrongs intentions out on a plate. He’s added them to this project, so surely, it’s only a matter of time before he adds them to his other project too? We aren’t saying that this explicitly means that Coinbase will list Ripple XRP and Zcash and, even if it does, it probably won’t happen any time soon, but i is worth thinking about isn’t it. Whatever happens, Armstrong has created a tidy project in and it is likely that both and Coinbase will be kept as very separate entities. It does however make sense for the two services to become integrated, at least on a background level, this is a notion that further points the next listing on Coinbase towards Ripple XRP and Zcash. Let’s face it, if Armstrong wants people to donate Ripple XRP and Zcash, he wants them to buy it too. He owns one of the worlds biggest cryptocurrency exchanges and therefore, can only want his customers to buy it from him.See my thinking? Investment Disclaimer
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