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Will Cardano Hit $1.00 With This Announcement?

Will Cardano Hit $1.00 With This Announcement?
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Cardano made quite an exciting announcement yesterday, which sees Cardano pair up with South Korean Mobile Payment giants, Metaps Plus. The very exciting thing about this announcement is that many reports are suggesting, this is the first instance of a cryptocurrency x mobile payments integration occurring within Asia. Now considering Asia as a continent is very much the capital of cryptocurrency, you might be able to begin to understand why people are getting excited about this. This integration could see Cardano used as a money transfer payment option within Metaps Plus in the near future, giving a whole host of brand new customers access to handling Cardano and ADA currency. Not only will this boost Cardano trading volumes, increased interest should see its value skyrocket. Some reports suggest that Metaps Plus already has around 1Billion app downloads. The potential customer base here, is frankly colossal. At the time of writing, Cardano is valued at $0.32, so, there’s a long way to go before we see Cardano hit $1.00, this partnership however could give Cardano the boost it really needs. CEO of Metaps Plus, Kim Seungyeon has said:
“I am very excited to partner with EMURGO integrating Ada coin into Korea’s one of the biggest mobile payment platforms. We are simply focused on delivering incremental sales and value to our offline and platform partners along with Ada coin owners.”
Okay, once you see the current status of Cardano, it is of course difficult to see how this announcement will have an impact on its value, let’s face it, the markets have hardly reacted to the onset of the announcement so why will it make a difference in the future? As I have mentioned, Metaps Plus has around 1Billion downloads, that means there’s an awful lot of people with the technology, already making mobile to mobile payments. Cardano won’t benefit from this as such until ADA is available within the app. It is after this stage that we should see Cardano reap the benefits of this partnership. This one is a slow burner, but as I have mentioned, it could eventually help Cardano hit $1.00. For now, we should wait and see how this transpires. Cardano has big potential, this announcement simply just compliments that. We don’t expect to see any drastic gains soon, but in the long run, we may very well look back on this day and say “hey, remember when Cardano got in with Metaps Plus, that was huge”.

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