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On A Budget? Try These Top Five Cryptocurrencies

On A Budget? Try These Top Five Cryptocurrencies
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Generating real earnings from cryptocurrency is hard. If you’re late to the party, you probably think you need to invest huge amounts of money into cryptocurrency if you wish to see significant returns on your investments. Of course, you can buy Bitcoin (for example) in smaller denominations, you don’t need to fork out $9,000.00 for each coin so to speak, however, is this really a viable solution? YouTuber Today’s Platinum has recently uploaded a video in which he walks us through his top five cryptocurrencies for under $1.00 that may offer some substantial returns for you in May 2018. You can see the video for yourself, here- Before I continue, please consider that Today’s Platinum is not a financial advisor and therefore any investment decisions you make should be done so in your own time, with due diligence and adequate research. Cryptocurrency is risky, no matter how much you invest. Today’s Platinum’s “Cheap Hot, Altcoins” Cardano, at the time of writing, Cardano is valued at $0.356, coming in way below the budget threshold of $1.00. Today’s Platinum believes Cardano will grow massively in the next few years. It isn’t a currency for holding as such, but some steady trading over this time could see some profits generated. Next up is Zilliqa, at the time of writing Zilliqa is valued at $0.104 so again, way below the $1.00 threshold. Today’s Platinum believes Zilliqa, though it is a new cryptocurrency has great potential for day trading due to its volatility. He does believe that like Cardano, Zilliqa will continue to grow over the next few years, with 2018 marking the start of its own blockchain revolution. In third place, is Power Ledger, at the time of writing, Power Ledger is valued at $0.564 so therefore could be a seen as slightly more expensive than the previous two coins. Either way, it still balances way below the $1.00 budget mark. Today’s Platinum thinks Power Ledger has huge potential to grow in the future because of its focus on decentralising energy and electricity, giving people the chance to reduce the power of the national grid. Therefore, this may be seen as a more long-term investment, with no indication that Power Ledger is a quick-fix by any stretch of the imagination. In forth place, we have Achain, at the time of writing Achain is valued at $0.381 so again, this falls well below the $1.00 budget mark. Today’s Platinum believes that Achain also has great potential to grow. Previously it has peaked well above $1.00 and therefore, as an infrastructure project it has he potential to succeed this peak once again. Finally, Quantstamp. At the time of writing, Quantstamp is valued at $0.213. Today’s Platinum believes Quantstamp’s smart contract system is essential to the mainstream blockchain industry. It’s ability to check transactions for faults and errors means that the Quantstamp technology may be heavily relied upon in the future, therefore it’s native currency is likely to see huge growth in the future. And there you have it. As I have mentioned, this is not investment advice. Although these currencies do offer very low-priced buy-in prices and could provide a great platform for new investors to at least learn the ropes of cryptocurrency trading. If it is something you want to get into, the aforementioned currencies may very well help you learn a lot about how the markets work and of course, how volatile they are. Just remember, even small and novel investments do carry risk, just as much risk as the big ones. Be careful with your investments and do plenty of research. Videos like this one can at least show you market patterns and trends, you need to be able to interpret these yourself before you can start to make decisions wisely.

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