TRON Can’t Shake The Shackles Of The Bear Market

TRON Can’t Shake The Shackles Of The Bear Market

is about to witness the biggest change in its history, yet, as it stands it is still struggling to shake the shackles of the bear market, constantly losing value, at times, as a rapid rate. As the value of TRON declines towards the launch of the TRON MainNet, we can’t see how TRON will recover once the MainNet is live. Of course, TRON will see a spike in value and possibly in market cap/trading volume, however, given the damage TRON has sustained over the past two weeks, it’s very hard to predict what sort of value TRON will be riding, in a weeks’ time. The MainNet is due for to launch on the 31st of May, just two days from now.

TRON aims to become a top 6 cryptocurrency as this MainNet rolls out, with an ultimate goal to be in the top 3, a rumoured plan for TRON founder, Justin Sun. Of course, this is the case though, why would anybody establish a cryptocurrency and a blockchain technology if they didn’t think it had the capacity to be number one? So, how is TRON performing today? All things considered, not great. At the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.05, down 8.49%. This decline is significantly greater than the declines of near neighbours, IOTA and NEO who are both down 0.67% and 0.63% respectively. We must consider that there could be something a little deeper going on here, something that seems to be driving the value of TRON away from the rest of the markets. Yes, the markets are in a decline, but, as it stands, TRON is on a far steeper decline than the rest of the top ten. For now, we simply put this down to anticipation. Hopefully, soon enough the effect is reversed, and TRON begins to climb again. For now, we will have to wait and see what life is like for TRON, post-MainNet launch. TRON promises to accrue some value and of course, TRON will make progression assuming the MainNet launch is a success. We have been talking about this for months now. Really, the only thing we can do from here-on-in, is wait and see. Wait and see what happens with TRON, the value of TRX and of course, with the roll out of the MainNet. One thing is certain – things are about to change for the TRON Foundation.

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