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Here’s Evidence Of TRON’s New Popularity

Here’s Evidence Of TRON’s New Popularity
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TRON has been labelled as an up and coming currency for some time. There’s a few reasons for this. First of all, the TRON Foundation are a team of very passionate crypto enthusiasts who all want this currency to succeed. Next, TRON are announcing new listings and trading pairs on a weekly basis, this means that its capacity for trading is always on the up and thus, popularity is constantly growing. Moreover, as you can see from Justin Sun’s recent tweet – the founder of TRON, TRON remains in first place for 7-day Github Commits Rankings. Github commits are essentially changes made within the TRON data on Github by community members (in lay terms). This provides further evidence that suggests TRON has become very popular. TRON has managed to slip into and remain in the top ten cryptocurrencies for market capitalisation. Recently once more, TRON has moved back into ninth place, stealing the spot from IOTA. In the battle for popularity, this is a very significant move. Stunningly, the sheer fact TRON is still using the Ethereum blockchain yet is able to remain in the top ten, is sentiment to TRON’s popularity, its as simple as that. Now as we know anticipation for the TRON MainNet launch is rife. Indeed, this will see TRON migrate from the Ethereum blockchain onto its own native blockchain with its own native currency. The move is set to take place on the 31st of May 2018. This is sure to continue to boost TRON’s popularity, as it manages to take control of its own future. Moreover, with its current high market capitalisation, you have to wonder how a migration onto a native blockchain will allow this market cap to increase. If the market cap goes up, we’re also sure to see both TRON’s actual, and potential value shoot up too. How does TRON look today? At the time of writing, TRON is valued at $0.079 and is down 2.50%. Progression at this point has been halted by a bearish market, however, as the 31st of May approaches we expect this to flip over. TRON will ramp up value over the next week and moreover, should the MainNet launch be a total success, TRON’s value and market cap will begin to shoot up for sure. Bear in mind, this is not investment advice. Whilst TRON looks ideal at the moment, it is still exposed to risk and volatility and therefore, we can never ensure exactly how a cryptocurrency will perform, when it makes moves as big as this one, which will see TRON lead a new life on its own blockchain.

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