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Are Ripple About To Partner With Amazon?
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Are Ripple About To Partner With Amazon?

Many people thought that the market recovery that we have seen recently was merely a phase, and that soon enough the gold-craze will overtake the market, but this has not been the case. The price recoveries have instead served to prove that the market is certainly not dying, especially when you consider the rumour that one of the biggest crypto supporters is Amazon and that Ripple is set to be partnering with them. This should not come as too much of a surprise when you consider that Ripple’s technology is being tested and promoted by other high profile firms and banking institutions, as well as financial companies like MasterCard, American Express and Santander. Speculation of this partnership have been floating around since late last year, with the idea behind it being based on the reliability of XRP during transactions. The coin has incredibly fast transaction speed, not to mention a very low charge per transactions. It is these features that are appealing to firms, such as online retailer Amazon, and see it as a way for their company to move with the times, and adapt as technology is developing. If you will believe the rumour, we could soon be seeing Ripple as a new payment method for all Amazon products, although it should be noted that this has not been confirmed yet. In a way of demonstrating that cryptocurrencies are being more widely accepted, more and more companies are seen to be working with digital assets, with Ripple in particular becoming quite widely accepted. Ripple is currently the third top cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation, and has an edge over Bitcoin, thanks to the fast transaction and low fees. It appears to be these reasons as to why so many high profile companies are choosing to partner with this cryptocurrency over others.

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