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The Next EOS Skyrocket Will Be Huge, EOS Could See $40
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The Next EOS Skyrocket Will Be Huge, EOS Could See $40

The last time we saw EOS skyrocket, it exceeded prices beyond imaginable levels. We saw EOS breach its all time high and continue flying up at the end of April, exceeding $20.00, leaving many investors very happy about their investments. This is even more stunning, when you consider that just months earlier, EOS was hardly treading water at $5.00. When EOS surged in April, the rest of the markets followed on, suggesting that EOS did lead the way somewhat. We have even tickled the idea that EOS may lead the way next time too. This brings us to a very interesting point. As the markets have been so bland recently, any climb, no matter how small it is, stands out as significant. Yesterday afternoon however, EOS turned and started to move upwards. Is this a sign that things are about to take a turn, for the better? The last reign of EOS saw the currency move up from $5.81 on the 10th of April, to $21.46, just 19 days later. The rest of the markets followed on from this climb, 3 days after EOS made the first move. Now consider this, given that EOS is still twice as high as the figure recorded on the 10th of April and of course, given that its market capitalisation is much higher now, if another surge takes over soon (with EOS’s recent movements suggesting this could be the case) how high will it fly this time? EOS could genuinely be about to skyrocket. At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $11.60, up 0.60%. Given that the last surge saw EOS move up by 270%, assuming that the next surge takes a similar hold with EOS at around $12.00, we could genuinely see EOS hit values of $40.00 plus. This is based on figures from the percentage calculator, I’m no mathematician… Overall, EOS isn’t guaranteed to skyrocket, however yesterday afternoons movements, against the grain of the rest of the market suggest that something could be brewing at the very least. Remember, this is not investment advice, this is based on speculation and realistically, EOS may not make any significant movements for some time. Please remember to trade safe.

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