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Verge Partnership Announcement & Price Prediction

Verge Partnership Announcement & Price Prediction
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We awoke today, expecting news of Verge’s big announcement. The date: The 16th of April, was set by Verge Dev in the wake of the successful crowdfunding campaign set up by Verge. If you need a refresher, skip to 2:35 on this video here- Now, at the end of last week, Verge posted this tweet which seems to suggest they have moved the date of their announcement back to the 17th of April. Huh? When did this happen? Can somebody else please watch the video and let us know that we are hearing them correctly? Either way, it doesn’t really matter, what’s one more day of anticipation between friends? So, what are we expecting to hear tomorrow? The rumour mill is rife, the big one circulating at the moment is of course online superstore Amazon. If this is indeed correct, then yes, Verge are right, this would be an incredible partnership, one which we could see really working quite well. All fingers are pointing at this partnership having something to do with e-commerce in what could push Verge forward in terms of adoption. It seems that the team really want to make Verge a viable currency option for online spending, backed by it’s super security protocol, Verge wants to make the internet a safer place. Okay, Amazon would be huge, but we can’t really see Verge currency being added to the entire marketplace yet, Amazon’s payment brother ‘Amazon Pay’ however does seem like a more likely scenario. Amazon Pay has a similar presence to PayPal, it provides a payment solution to an array of websites, this is where Verge could certainly take off, if indeed Amazon are on board. In anticipation for the announcement, lets see how Verge is doing. At the time of writing the currency is valued at $0.08, decreasing at 8.70%. This seems to be in the wake of the market surge that took place at the end of last week, now, as with many of the currencies some correction is taking place. Since the surge, Verge has taken a bit of a hit, dropping from a height of $0.10 as recorded on the 13th of April. We expect this to perk back up pretty soon however as the 17th of April approaches. Verge could be reaching $0.10 once again, going into tomorrow afternoon. It’s a big week for Verge, after a cracking end to last week, this announcement could pedal some real power behind the currency. We know the team at Verge are very excited and as our we about tomorrows big break. We will keep you updated as news comes in. Watch the markets because numbers can tell a thousand tales. Let’s see what happens.

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