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Verge Back On Track, And Beyond

Verge Back On Track, And Beyond
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Last week saw a pretty tricky spot for Verge, a lot happened, here’s a quick summary: Verge was doing very well We had a looming announcement, hype was strong A new wallet was released A huge hack took place, a lot of currency was stolen Verge went silent Numerous updates rolled out Verge Hard Forked, problem solved And actually, the problem was solved, it seems. The optimism of Verge’s community has paid off and everything seems to be back on track. Obviously, my above timeline is by no means intricate, but hopefully it gives you a nice concise order of events, as I see it. So how is Verge looking now? Currently, Verge is valued at $0.084 and is up 22% at the time of writing. It’s really pushing in an upwards direction at a satisfying rate, heading into next week, this should continue. This Monday is the date during which Verge Dev, Justin Vendetta, promised to make an announcement in which the name of Verge’s new, highly anticipated partner would be announced. There’s little been said on the rumour mill at the moment other than some mentions of the partnership involving Amazon, I expect the lack of speculation however is down to the uncertainty that this hack had caused. I think it’s now safe to say however that all of the uncertainty has diminished. With the announcement looming, people are expected to buy in this week, I believe that on the off-chance Verge have partnered with Amazon, or someone of equal stature, then next week, we will see Verge sky rocket, perhaps even exceeding it’s 2017 cryptocurrency boom value of $0.20, as seen back in December. Not bad for a week’s work, if indeed it does happen. Ever since their crowd funding campaign at the end of March, Verge has promised to make some huge waves within the markets. It’s current standing does seem to be down to a series of events that have caused Verge to hit the headlines for a number of reasons. I have to admit, the way they have managed this as a company has been inspiring, if this efficiency is anything to go by then Monday could be very rewarding for the Verge team. This article is not here to tell you to start buying Verge of course, I would only recommend holding on and watching the markets at this point, things will change, but we can never be certain about exactly how these changes will impact the cryptocurrency economy.

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