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Paranormal ICO Launched Today

Paranormal ICO Launched Today
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The worlds first paranormal cryptocurrency ‘Onstellar’ has launched its main Initial Coin Offering (ICO) today. With the pre-sale selling out, the 29th of March was set as the date for the first main sale of tokens. The cap for the sale has been set to $10,000,000M with contributions available in Ethereum and Bitcoin, altogether this will generate 50,000,000 Onstellar tokens, now branded as ONST tokens. The ICO will work on a first come first served basis meaning theres no limit on how many tokens one can purchase. Onstellar claims to be the worlds first digital portal to a range of paranormal phenomena, it covers areas such as conspiracies, ancient history, ufology, alternative medicines, cosmic arts, the supernatural and mind body spirit. The currency operates via a social network, through which the unexplained is able to exist. I’m really interested in these sorts of environments, I did complete a thesis on the afterlife and social media whilst at University so I’m keen to see how this idea develops. Whilst I’m not in to the paranormal per say, it’s cool to think such theories can be integrated into a blockchain based social medium. The premise of this is that users will be rewarded for generating content in ONST tokens, the content needs to be based around the paranormal. Onstellar promise that no content will be censored, and that complete transparency will be ensured, therefore if users think they have an interesting thing to write about, they can do so, if it turns out to be a good piece of writing or great content, they will earn a lot of tokens from it. The ICO values the tokens at $0.20 and aims to distribute 74% of all available tokens during this time, the remaining tokens will have gone in the presale or donated to the founders and developers involved in the project. Onstellar believe that their theme of the paranormal will reach out to a new market, to quote them directly 5.3 Billion people believe in spirits, entities and ghosts and 50% of Americans believe in conspiracy theories. This platform offers those people a chance to generate content and explore new ideas, whilst being welcomed to the world of cryptocurrency. I’m not so sure how conspiracy theorists will react to the idea of the blockchain and a cryptocurrency incentive system, one expects there to be a level of suspicion in the air at first but ones this settles out, Onstellar promises to create a fantastic forum for people to express themselves through paranormal and metaphysical debate. Featured Image Source: Pxhere  

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