You Can Now Use Bitcoins To Pay For Your Holiday

You Can Now Use Bitcoins To Pay For Your Holiday

A Malta based travel agency have decided to embrace Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by offering package holidays that are paid for exclusively with Bitcoin. Bitcoin Adventures are offering holidays to Gozo, something that has already attracted the first tourists, who are visiting this month, with the intention of promoting Bitcoin as a better form of payment.

In a statement, they have said; “Bitcoin is better money because there is no central bank, no inflation, and no transaction fee involved…The problem is that nobody uses Bitcoin so nobody thinks it works…We are trying to disrupt the status quo here. You can now book an amazing adventure holiday in Gozo and pay with Bitcoin”.

The first two tourists, are a Japanese infrastructural support engineer Takesho Koide and his wife, who has long had a keen interest in visiting Malta. He chose to book the kayaking trip and three-night stay in Gozo with Bitcoin Adventures as opposed to other, more traditional agents, because of how accepted this form of currency had become in his native Japan. Koide when on to say that the use of Bitcoin is not only becoming much more popular in Japan, but a lot more accepted as well, and a number of retail stores have actually started to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

In a statement regarding his upcoming holiday, Koide said; “Bitcoin payment is becoming popular in Japan, because multiple retail outlets have started to accept Bitcoin payment. If this method is applicable for my future trips, I would like to make use of it as much as possible.”

So why have Malta decided to launch this now?

The country has always been incredibly supportive of cryptocurrencies. It is well known for being one of the few Bitcoin-friendly countries in Europe. They are always thinking of new ways in which they can make the country more accepting of cryptocurrencies, and very recently piloted a Blockchain-based academic certificate recording system, and even assembled its Blockchain advisory committee in early September.

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