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BEFE Coin: The MEME Coin Gem That’s Gaining Momentum for Riches

The crypto market cap plummeted by 6% yesterday, led by Bitcoin’s fall below $60,000 for the first time in weeks. The Hong Kong ETFs started decently well. However, the actual bull run is expected to begin after the Bitcoin halving has yet to begin. 

During these corrections, when fear exceeds expectations, it is wise to hold back and look for tokens that can pay traders and investors good returns. The buying-the-dip opportunity always remains, but which dip is worth vouching for is a question that many traders fail to discover. 

Memecoins present a good earning opportunity during both the bull market and correction phases. During correction phases, especially, buying memecoins at discounted prices can guarantee exponential gains. Almost all memecoins promise such gains, but only a few deliver. Popular memecoins like PEP, WIF, DOGE, and SHIBA INU look priced in at current market conditions. 

Our quest for the next best memecoin introduced us to BEFE – the memecoin based on another viral yet refreshing meme but with a great community backup and a resilient track record. BEFE is backed by the formidable blockchain Bitgert, which has the fastest transaction speed at 100K TPS and almost zero gas fees. While we celebrate Ethereum’s gas fees discounting to $1.12, we mustn’t ignore other emerging blockchains presenting low gas as an inherent capability. 

BEFE shares the features that make Bitgert unique and a use-case-driven ecosystem. The BEFE team is trying to develop BEFE as an ecosystem on the same lines as SHIBA INU. However, BEFE is a relatively new memecoin trying to find its footing in the crypto market. 

Some of its USPs include the following:

  • BEFE didn’t have a presale before the actual launch. The token distribution happened equitably between the team, investors, and users after the launch. This gives all users an equal opportunity and security, as the entire supply is liquid, and the project is free from any scam elements. 
  • BEFE also doesn’t come with any crypto tax, unlike most other memecoins. Zero tax ensures that the traders receive every penny of the profit they earn from BEFE’s price rally. 
  • BEFE has dedicated community support across all social media channels, while BEFE’s team keeps the community engaged with activities and contests throughout, 
  • The BEFE team is forging partnerships and collaborations with known names in the industry to build use cases for BEFE. 
  • BEFE is compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC chains. 
  • It can be bought and traded on Uniswap, Pancakeswap,, Tapbit, etc. 

Anyone seeking to build a good fortune this bull season needs to include a good memecoin in their diversified portfolio. BEFE fulfills the criteria of a good memecoin with longevity and liquidity as added USPs. If you are a trader seeking tokens to invest in, try putting your money in BEFE today and see your investment multiply. 

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