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China's Unluckiest Number Was 4-Tunate for CZ

China's Unluckiest Number Was 4-Tunate for CZ

For a while now, Changpeng Zhao has been obsessed with the number 4.

May the 4s be with you. 💪

— CZ 🔶 BNB (@cz_binance) May 4, 2023

It initially began in January 2023, when CZ was still riding high as Binance's CEO.

The billionaire declared that "4" would be used as shorthand to dismiss "FUD, fake news and attacks."

Will try to keep 2023 simple. Spend more time on less things. Do's and Don'ts.

1. Education
2. Compliance
3. Product & Service

4. Ignore FUD, fake news, attacks, etc.

In the future, would appreciate if you can link to this post when I tweet "4". 🙏

— CZ 🔶 BNB (@cz_binance) January 2, 2023

It became a rather arrogant way of shutting down criticism of the exchange — and responding to unflattering media coverage.

CZ hasn't posted this for quite a while — especially since the shock news last November that he was stepping down as Binance's CEO, and pleading guilty to money laundering charges.

Nonetheless, it seems the embattled entrepreneur's fate has become weirdly entwined with this number... in more ways than one.

First, it was announced that Binance was to pay $4 billion penalties for egregious violations in U.S. law — among the largest in the country's history.

That came after the exchange facilitated illegal transactions between American customers and sanctioned users in Iran, Syria and Russian-occupied Ukraine.

Things became weirder still when CZ was sentenced for his crime in a Seattle courtroom, with a lenient judge deciding to put him behind bars for far less than the recommended guidelines of 12 to 18 months.

How many months, we hear you ask?


The irony hasn't been lost among crypto enthusiasts on X, formerly Twitter, who also noted that CZ is now set to become the richest man ever sent to prison.

Binance gets a $4 billion fine

CZ gets 4 months in prison

We live in a simulation

— Will (@WClementeIII) April 30, 2024

So let’s get this straight:

CZ got 4 months

In the 4th month

On the 4th year of the decade

2024 is in the 4th millennium AD

Sentenced at 4pm

Charged $4billion

Hollywood could not write a better script


— Andrew Forte (@TheAndrewForte) April 30, 2024

CZ was born in China, a country that's pretty superstitious when it comes to numbers.

And because the word for "4" sounds similar to the one for death, it's considered hugely unlucky — so much so that some Chinese buildings lack a fourth floor, and motorists avoid license plates containing the dreaded number.

In Changpeng Zhao's case, "4" has turned out to be pretty fortunate.

While $4 billion is a pretty big fine for Binance to swallow, it hasn't proved fatal for the exchange's operations. A much bigger headache for the trading platform remains that it's banned from operating in several major economies.

And given CZ could have theoretically faced 10 years behind bars, four months in a low-security prison is not to be sniffed at.

The entrepreneur could easily start plotting a comeback later this year — unlike Sam Bankman-Fried, who's set to be in jail until he's well in his 50s.

As he awaits the beginning of his sentence, CZ has offered clues as to what's next — heavily hinting his Binance days are behind him:

I would like to thank everyone for your care and support, be it writing letters, showing support on X, or in any other form. They all mean a lot to me and keep me strong. I will do my time, conclude this phase and focus on the next chapter of my life (education).

I will remain a…

— CZ 🔶 BNB (@cz_binance) May 1, 2024

Amid reports he's already plotting a comeback, there's little doubt CZ will be back 4 more.

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