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South Korean Crypto Magnate Do Kwon Released in Montenegro Amid Extradition Battle

Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs embroiled in allegations of fraud, has been released from Montenegrin custody.

His freedom comes as the Supreme Court weighs the merits of extradition requests from both the United States and South Korea.

Bloomberg reported his release on March 23, following a suspension by the Supreme Court of a lower court’s decision to extradite Kwon to South Korea.

This legal drama unfolds against the backdrop of the Terra collapse in 2022, which erased about $60 billion from the crypto market. Kwon, facing fraud charges in both South Korea and the U.S., was released from prison as his sentence for possessing forged documents concluded.

Darko Vukcevic, a prison official, stated, “We released Do Kwon from prison as his regular prison term for traveling with fake papers ended.

Since he is a foreign citizen and his documents were withheld, he was taken for an interview to the police directorate for foreigners, and they will deal with him further.”

The Supreme Court’s Council is now poised to decide on Kwon’s potential extradition to South Korea, where he faces less severe penalties compared to the U.S.

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In the latter, he could be charged with eight felonies related to TerraUSD’s dramatic $40-billion implosion in 2022.

Kwon’s legal representative confirmed his client’s release and mentioned that his passport had been confiscated to prevent him from leaving Montenegro.

Subsequently, Kwon was moved to a facility for foreigners, with his lawyer signaling intentions to seek legal permission for Kwon to stay free pending extradition decision.

This legal tangle was further complicated by the chief prosecutor’s intervention, pointing out procedural flaws in the extradition process favoring South Korea.

As courts deliberate without a clear timetable, Kwon’s fate hangs in the balance, with significant charges awaiting him in the U.S. following his arrest in March 2023 for using counterfeit travel documents.

The extradition saga continues, reflecting the international legal complexities surrounding high-profile crypto fugitives like Kwon.

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