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Australia Hits Milestone: 1,000 Active Bitcoin ATMs Now in Operation

Australia has reached a significant milestone in the realm of cryptocurrency, now boasting 1,000 active crypto-fiat machines, making it the third-largest hub for Bitcoin ATMs globally.

This achievement, as of April 24, marks a notable growth in the country’s crypto infrastructure.

Coin ATM Radar data reveals that Australia joins the ranks of the United States and Canada in surpassing the 1,000 mark for Bitcoin ATMs.

Currently, Australia represents 2.7% of the global Bitcoin ATM network, showcasing a steady rise in adoption and accessibility within the country.

The United States, leading the global landscape, hosts the majority share of Bitcoin ATMs, accounting for 82.8% with a staggering 31,170 machines.

Following closely, Canada holds 7.8% of the global market share with 2,918 crypto ATMs.

Australia’s journey to becoming a prominent player in the crypto ATM space wasn’t always evident.

Historically considered an inactive market, the country experienced a surge in adoption since the latter part of 2022, largely fueled by the involvement of private enterprises.

By April 2023, Australia had surpassed Asia in Bitcoin ATM count, a region encompassing major economies like China, Japan, Singapore, and India.

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\With the current installation pace, Australia is on track to outpace Europe, which currently holds 4.3% of all active Bitcoin ATMs, totaling 1,617 machines.

Among other countries with notable crypto ATM presence are Spain (261 machines), El Salvador (215), Poland (211), Germany (194), and Hong Kong (157), showcasing a global trend towards increased accessibility to cryptocurrencies.

In a recent development reported by Cointelegraph, hackers who previously disclosed El Salvador’s Bitcoin ATM database have now released a portion of the source code for the country’s state-operated Chivo Bitcoin wallet.

The hacker group, CiberInteligenciaSV, shared the code on a public forum, emphasizing its origin from a government wallet and its availability for public scrutiny.

Local cybersecurity project VenariX issued a warning on April 22 regarding the impending leak, referencing announcements made by CiberInteligenciaSV’s Telegram channel regarding their plans to release the source code.

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