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11 Crypto ICOs That Can Mint Millionaires in Q3 2024

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The entire crypto community has anticipated the year 2024 for a long time. This anticipation resulted from perks attached to the year—Bull run, BTC halving, ICOs, etc.

Whenever the bull run starts, tons of novel projects kick, as they want to be a part of the ecosystem’s success. The majority of them launch their ICOs just so that they can onboard investors early, who will, in return, enjoy the benefits after the project launches.

These ICOs allow investors to buy a project token at a meager price compared to the launch price. After launch, some ICOs will enable investors to access all their funds. In contrast, others give a certain percentage upon launch, provide some months for cliffing, and then the remaining is shared in percentage over a period of months stated in their tokenomics.

Irrespective of the strategy used, the goal is to see all projects succeed. Nonetheless, as much as there are many good players, bad players also show forth their ugly heads. They present a false project, over-promise their investor to gather funds, and run away with the money overnight. This indicates that it is essential to research before jumping on any ICO to ensure investment is done at the right place.

In this article, we’ll consider the top 11 ICOs that can mint millionaires in Q3. From the product these projects offer to their roadmap and industry partnership, it has been established that these are vital factors to consider before making a decision.

ICOs with Promising Outlooks

Engines of Fury 

Engines of Fury is a revolutionary gaming platform where passion and innovation converge. With a common goal in mind, the skilled team—which includes members of illustrious companies like Blizzard, Ubisoft, Unity, and many more—has assembled to design a game that breaks new ground and raises the bar.

Binance Smart Chain is the principal platform for issuing $FURY, the gaming currency, with future ambitions to expand to other platforms. The ICO will be launched in the next several weeks. There are cliffs and linear unlock durations that range from 1 to 28 months, and the timeline for when everyone can unlock varies by token holder category.

Kima Network 

Kima, a pioneer in DeFi, has created a unifying protocol that provides an open infrastructure and building blocks for cross-chain applications. This overcomes the limits of blockchain protocols, which are sometimes separated owing to financial, regulatory, and technical hurdles.

The Kima Token is a utility token that secures the network by putting a price on network transactions, making it costly for attackers to spam the network. A total of one billion tokens will be distributed among the following groups soon: early backers, pre-seed, seed, pre-sale, key opinion leaders, private sale, IDO, team, etc. 


Cookie3 provides several tools and services on its Web3 marketing analytics platform to assist users in measuring and optimizing their marketing activities. The platform can potentially transform the digital economy thanks to its extensive community of consumers, artists, and enterprises. 

Its Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) is almost here which would be launched on Chaingpt, but, for now, users can start interacting with the platform now through airdrops and prizes.

OMNIA Protocol

OMNIA is a specialized RPC provider for DeFi traders, founded in 2021 by cybersecurity, privacy, and trading experts. The platform provides cutting-edge capabilities for safe and quick transactions while tackling DeFi-specific issues, including front-running and MEV exploitation.

OMNIA integrates well-known wallets such as MetaMask and Coinbase into its dependable and scalable blockchain infrastructure. Innovation and efficiency are at the heart of OMNIA, which guarantees DeFi traders unfettered end-to-end anonymity and top-notch performance. Currently, its initial coin offering (ICO) is ongoing on Chaingpt.


SOLSTORM, built on Solana, empowers Web3 projects and links them to an active investment community. The IDO process is made easier with its user-centric design, robust security, and creative tokenomics, which create a safe space for research.

The platform provides secured liquidity, a shareholder structure, and on-chain analytics tools. Come and be a part of SOLSTORM for an unmatched level of ease, safety, and focus on the customer. Its IDO is scheduled to take place by the end of May.

Hybrid AI

Hybrid seeks to create an ecosystem that is accessible to both Web2 and Web3 enthusiasts, making AI in Web3 simple for everyone. Presenting Atlas, a central, decentralized AI tool designed to bring the next billion people onto Web3, they hope to simplify creating bespoke AI agents. 

Prior to the public testnet release of Hybrid, users will be able to try Atlas Lite and contribute to its development. Also, its IDO is almost here, and the team is considering a future date.


Stage is revolutionizing the music industry with a groundbreaking platform that combines the thrill of TV talent competitions with a gamified user experience and a unique play-to-earn model. Using cutting-edge Web 3 technology, Stage is developing a novel business model that allows artists to profit from their work and thanks fans for their support. 

There’s more excitement ahead: the much-awaited $STAGE token will debut in early June and provide a special chance to influence the direction of music and contribute to the platform’s success.  


Plena is a cutting-edge crypto super app that combines security and convenience. Using cutting-edge Account Abstraction technology, it facilitates easy investment in more than 100,000 cryptocurrencies.

Plena’s self-custodial wallet method puts users in charge of their money, and the app’s bridge feature makes it easy to transfer across different blockchains. A one-of-a-kind and safe crypto solution, Plena protects users’ privacy by not requiring them to provide personal information.

Skillful AI

Skillful AI is a revolutionary platform changing the AI landscape by providing a personalized AI ecosystem. Through the provision of individualized virtual assistants educated in subject-specific information, it enables users to remain ahead of the technology curve. Skillful AI guarantees thorough and personalized interactions by concentrating on context and user-specific memories.

There are only a few whitelist places left for Skillful AI’s much-anticipated ICO! Get ready to explore the future of AI by completing some interesting Zealy challenges and securing a position on the whitelist. 


The EARNM ecosystem is ground-breaking because it rewards people to do things like shop, play games, and listen to music online. Notably, EARNM introduces a new approach to creating value in the digital world.

The AI Displacement UBI Solution, Mystery Boxes, and Play2Earn are some revolutionary tools featured on EARNM. A digital game-changer, EARNM has a history of rapid expansion and groundbreaking ideas. EARNM’s IDO will occur by mid-May on Polkastarter, Finceptor, Decubate, and Poolzfinance. 


Stabble is a Solana-native decentralized exchange (DEX) built on an automated market maker (AMM) conversion function, similar to Uniswap. Intelligent liquidity routing, virtual margin liquidity, and internal and external arbitrage trading are some of its standout features.

Stabble offers a smooth experience for traders and liquidity providers, addressing essential challenges in the DeFi ecosystem, such as impermanent loss, poor APYs, and significant price impact. Notably, Stabble’s IDO is hitting Fineceptor for $0.03 soon.

In Summary 

ICOs have been a popular means for crypto projects to acquire funding and momentum for quite some time. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) allow early investors to purchase tokens at a discounted price, giving them a chance to participate in potential ventures before anybody else. If you are an investor seeking to impact the cryptocurrency market, you should consider investing in one of the eleven initial coin offerings (ICOs) described in this article with further research. Each of these projects has demonstrated promise and innovation over time.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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